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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ramarley: Teen Shot for a puny bag of weed!

What are cops taught at the academy on 22nd Street in Manhattan?

Why was a teen shot in the chest for a measly bag of weed?

Why did they have to shoot in the first place?

Why not shoot in the legs if the trigger has to be pulled?

On Saturday the teenager will be buried in the Bronx.


HDD believes that a teen should not be murdered by cops for a bag of weed.

There is video of these cops entering Ramarley Graham's residence where he lived with his family and breaking the door in. (see link below)


Did they have a warrant?

What gives the right to the NYPD to smash down doors and follow an unarmed teen into a building?

How can it be justified that NYPD can simply chase an unarmed citizen into HIS OWN HOUSE and shoot him in his own bathroom?

There can be no excuses on this one. HDD has written about cops been shot by hardened criminals, a whole different scenario, but this is OUTRAGEOUS and SCANDALOUS!

Who is this cop rushing in haste?

Richard Haste needs to slow down and learn how to handle a situation in a less violent way! Haste had a puny THREE YEARS experience. The standards within NYPD have slipped rapidly since the early 2000s and a bunch of gung-ho clowns are joining up.

Haste needs to be fired end of story.

And the family of the slain teen have rightly rejected a meeting with Ray Kelly.

Ray needs to quit covering up for these cops and set a policy of severe punishment for such heinous behavior: a 30 year old cop with three years experience breaking down a door and shooting to death a teenager!


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