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Oliver Stone
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Monday, February 20, 2012


#1. What is the difference between Iceland and Ireland with regards to the IMF?

#2. What are the similarities between the two small countries?

ANS #1: Iceland told the IMF to keep their poxy loans and leave them alone. They refused to take IMF "loans" because they knew they'd be enslaved to debt into perpetuity.

Ireland, due to its abiding (and frankly servile) refusal to upset its BANKSTER masters, has agreed to loans, agreed to IMF SAPs and agreed to debt into perpetuity even though the population at large are against the IMF. It's a pathetic scenario.

ANS #2: Both countries are small islands, depending on larger neighbors for trade etc. Both are small open economies trying to navigate through the global tidal waves of economic and financial turmoil.

But ICELANDIC people have BALLS!

And the LSM isn't covering the Icelandic resurgence because the idea is that small countries have to go the IMF route, beg for funds and agree to ruthless "conditionalities".

This is a BLATANT lie!

The story below illustrates just how Iceland got its fiscal house in order and told the IMF to and TAKE A HIKE!


And you won't see Iceland on ABC news or CNN-NBC-CBS or any of those other crappy "prime-time news".


Here's the KEY QUOTE:

"In the March 2010 referendum, 93% voted against repayment of the debt. The IMF immediately froze its loan."

If the IRISH could just look to their friends in Iceland and take a few leaves out of their book of revolt!

There is no money to be made in non-indebted nations and the LSM has no interest in covering stories that show small nations getting out of fiscal wreckage by their own unity, their own revolution against their corrupt governments and their own innovation against accepting the post-colonial IMF!

Ireland and its people need to QUIT BEING ECONOMIC LEPRECHAUNS and start asserting their CELTIC-NORMAN-VIKING past and tell the IMF and its client banksters to go screw themselves!

No more leprechaun-ITIS!

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