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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

McChrystal Lecture at Ringling College Library Association

It's not often one gets to hear a live, battle hardened, combat veteran speak in a theater that holds over one thousand people. But this past week, HDD managed to hear General Stanley McChrystal (RET) at the Ringling Library Association venue in Sarasota, Florida.

General McChrystal was candid and forthright with his overview of US foreign policy and even managed to crack a few jokes in between the grave and serious challenges ahead for the United States military, economy and OMOTS.

Here is a man with experience of the world and the ability to explain connections across the globe and how US policy can positively or negatively affect countries, economies and peoples.

Link below (video included) to a local newspaper's take on the evening's proceedings:


People such as McChrystal need to be listened to because worldly experience and deep understanding of America's place in the world are something MANY POLITICIANS DON'T HAVE!

When was the last time a combat hardened veteran went up for president in this country?

How many more lawyers and professional politicians will feed the corrupt government system over the next decade?

What percentage of CURRENT members of the House or Senate have battle hardened military experience and an up to date knowledge of far flung places in the world?

How many have passports?

The Senate and House are both awash with hundreds of millions of lobbying funds with little or no representation of the OMOTS.

The likes of McChrystal offer a much fresher view on overcoming challenges, but wisdom would inform him to stay as far away from DC as possible!

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