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Monday, February 6, 2012

China to the Rescue

Looks like "Communist" China will have to come to Europe's rescue.

Human rights be damned!

It's all about trade!



According to the Bloomberg story above:

"Trade in goods such as clothing, electronics, toys and appliances soared to almost $3 trillion last year from $510 billion in 2001, with both exports and imports growing almost FIVEFOLD."

All of these goods are produced CHEAPLY and workers in China are being paid a PITTANCE to produce these products, while the majority of the factories are owned by those close to the Chinese "Communist" Party (CCP) or the PARTY OUTRIGHT!

It all revolves around CHEAP CRAP made for next to nothing per hour and imported to the EU for as cheaply as possible and sold to Europeans cheaply. Toys for kids produced at dirt cheap wages, apparel and other junk that has the quality of a few months.

The EU's trade with China is more important to Europe than it is to the US.


The problem China has is this - If the EU crisis accelerates (which HDD believes it will) China's trade with the EU and US will be NEGATIVELY IMPACTED and this along with internal social upheaval - little of which is covered by the LSM or China's media for fear of contagion - could have a devastating effect on China's social and economic fiber.

This puts the fear of God into the CCP, many of whom rule with an iron rod and a bureaucratic labyrinth that includes a cadre of state security thugs intent on maintaining the status quo, by any means necessary.

And as the EU crisis grows, China's jitters will continue, internally and globally. Its all about a flow of money going to China, a flow of cheap goods to EU and US and a servile, work focused Chinese citizenry!

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