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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boston Cops Swoop @ 01:30 HRS.

Cops in Boston swooped in on 50 protesters at 01:30 hrs on Tuesday morning, 10/11/2011, and were arrested for "trespassing"!

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Meanwhile the NYPD has a special unit that is paid as a private entity to PROTECT bank property in and around Wall Street.

A few questions:

Is taxpayer money being used to pay over time to these cop?

What is the connection to JPMORGAN CHASE DONATION of over $4 million to NYPD foundation?

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Is this the future of policing in NYC?

What are the ethical consequences associated with cops working privately for bankers?

Are not a police force there to protect the tax paying citizens of a city?

Why don't these banks hire PRIVATE SECURITY instead of using tax payer funded police officers?


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