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Oliver Stone
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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Berlusconi & Draghi Show

The Chinese to the rescue in Greece?

Super Mario and Sleazy Silvio to the rescue in Italy?

Perhaps a possibility to the first question, doubtful to the second.

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One man cannot save an entire economy and if the LSM were to be believed this Super Mario has come as saviour to the Italian economy.

CDS spreads for Italian bonds have been volatile lately and will continue to be into the next few months and in early 2012.

If the Italian population begin to rebel and defy any decisions made on their behalf by Caesar Silvio, him of the darkly dyed toupee, the Greek tragedy will look like a comedy show compared to the Italian rage about to be unleashed.

According to the CIA FACT BOOK --- see link --- With almost 61 million people in Italy.

Compare this - six times more than the Greeks - with a mere 10.7 million.


The key demographic in Italy is the 15-25 year old, those most likely to rebel or defy any governmental measures aimed at austerity.

And with youth unemployment hitting 30% these seething youngsters are likely to give Caesar Silvio a real run for his money.

As Italy grapples with its massive debt and economic problems, Spain with its almost 43% youth unemployment will start to burst at the economic and social seams.

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