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Monday, October 17, 2011

NYPD Tactics Protecting Citi Bank

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On Friday, I rode my bike down to O-W-S, mostly out of curiosity and partly due to my ongoing cyber-following of the movement.

There is obviously NO SUBSTITUTE to physically walking around the park and talking to various people, listening to the spirited debate and more importantly OBSERVING the entire scene.

A few of the protesters were drumming away as the sun shone down and the cops stood to attention, some amused others clearly pissed off they had to stand around and watch the shenanigans of a few "hippies".

Of course NYPD is really happy to be getting over time from all of this.

"Thank you O-W-S," their saying privately I'm sure.

The square itself was spotless having been cleaned earlier in the morning.

One point I think is worth noting:
O-W-S is a FOCAL POINT FOR DISSENT and as a consequence, the protesters MUST HOLD THE SQUARE, no matter what happens. There are all kinds of folk camped down there, some students, some jobless, some part-time protesters.

What matters is that they have the balls and gumption to stay there night after night and hold the square.

On Saturday after the larger march to Washington Square Park, a few protesters went to a Citi Bank on La Guardia Place, near NYU and were charged with criminal trespass.

I don't know how a cop can charge a citizen with criminal trespass as they enter a public ATM lobby to close their accounts.

I predict there will be more actions in this vein, as more and more of these mega-banks see their (or rather OUR DEPOSITS SHRINK).

It is the deposits of the customer, the ENERGY OF THE CUSTOMER that sustains these mega banks, without which they crumble!

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