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Oliver Stone
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bertie --- "Gettin' it in the NECK"

Here's an interview with that CLOWN Bertie Ahern who "resented working on Sundays". Says the Irish government "were saving for the rainy day!" (See Link)


Who does this FAT FOOL think he's fooling? These are the kinds of parochial cretins that are being voted into office in the Emerald Isle, "cute hoors" and gobshites.

Anyway, as the Europeans pass a package for Greece, another VETERAN CLOWN in Ireland, Michael Noonan, finance minister said that Ireland won't be seeking ANY DEBT REDUCTION as Greece did.

Take a look at these doubled chinned career politicians and ask yourself: How the hell can a country be dug out of a financial and economic HOLE with the EXACT PEOPLE STILL in power many of whom CAUSED THE FISCAL MESS!

They should be charged with ECONOMIC TREASON, not complaining that they "hadn't time to see the football matches!"

In other words, the Irish people will be burdened by the entire debt and will act as servile SERFS and pay it off in full as they get tossed out of their houses and watch their national assets be put upon the action block.

Pain and suffering are what the Irish are great at as far as Noonan and his cretinous government allies are concerned.

Another fat fool living off the fat of the land!

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