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Oliver Stone
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Friday, October 7, 2011

LSM = Dinosaur about to become EXTINCT

And the cloned clown above should have stayed with CNBC instead of wandering over to CNN.

The show, absurdly titled "Out Front" will most likely get little or no viewers in the long term, because no body cares what the likes of Burnett thinks, says or does on the television screen!

Apparently her show will be out in front of the "HEADLINES" those news items DEEMED IMPORTANT by the clones at CNN. The fact that the OMOTS is out on the street isn't DEEMED NEWS by these smug bastards.

Burnett earns more than $2 million a year and can afford in her smugness to debase and dismiss the OWS as a mob.

So her view of "the mob" will be diametrically opposed to the reality of what is going on in towns, cities and on streets across this country. No one cares about the rubbish CNN spews out to the OMOTS.

And the DC crowd, Cantor etc. don't get it either.

The ordinary people are NOT MOBS of folk rampaging around the place.

They are people WITH AND WITHOUT JOBS who are fed up with all of the BULLSHIT in DC, all of the TAXES RIFLED from the population and used against them in many subtle and not so subtle ways.

The Lame Street Media, LSM - corporate controlled clones and clowns - is fast becoming a DINOSAUR on every level, an irrelevant relic of the past that uses entertainment, dumbed down lowest common denominator "reality TV" to distract and divert the energy of the viewer.

OWS --- Other Locations Around the USA


O-W-S will be galvanized over the next several weeks and months as they make their demands clearer and the OMOTS understands that they are not a rogue MOB INTENT ON DESTROYING THE PLACE.

The folks in San Fran have it right ---

The FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM has its own police here in NYC ---

Why do they need their own police force?

To enforce the printing of trillions of dollars?

To ensure no one steals the gold in down town Manhattan?

To protect this, UNELECTED, bank-run PRIVATE INSTITUTION FROM the MOB?

Or to ensure that we all work for fiat currency issued by the US Treasury and backed up by the very people who are TAXED TO REPAY the debt.... OMOTS!!!

The 99%!!

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