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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sub-Zero New York City; S-Election Farce

Rode my bike to work this morning and it felt like the Arctic Circle here in the BIG COLD APPLE!

13 degrees F or about -10 C!

Regarding the upcoming S-ELECTION and all that's going on in IOWA - 60% of whom are evangelicals - this clown Santorum (SAINT-ORUM to his followers) according to so called "POLLS" is surging ahead!

HDD is nauseated by this farcical S-ELECTION and will post only humor related 2012

Here are the latest "POLLS" and who's surging and who's NOT!


Obama is sitting back waiting to see who he'll be taking on!

Meanwhile the economy sputters along and the media will net hundreds of millions in ad sales from these clowns duking it out on TV.

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