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Oliver Stone
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Geithner! Keep your small mouth SHUT

Who the hell does this little mouse think his?

Geithner says to Japan Iran needs to have sanctions Japanese-style!


This TAX DODGER who never fought a day in his life is calling for sanctions against Iran by Japan.

Next stop all out war!

Geithner is Obama's poodle in the Japan and will put pressure on the Japanese to follow the US lead. the last thing we need in this country in ANOTHER WAR! But these clowns in DC will use the fear mongering and Iran as a platform for re-election, mass hysteria and couched patriotism.

Who will be the winners in all of this?

The oil speculators and BIG OIL! Geithner says China is "manipulating its currency" while he and his buddies at Treasury in collaboration with the FED are PRINTING dollars like there's no tomorrow. This clown Geithner thinks that by printing money en mass and slapping the Chinese on the financial knuckles, that we'll all end up happily ever after.

GEITHNER - keep your mouth SHUT!

Both Japan and China need Iranian oil, so by putting pressure on these countries, Geithner is INDIRECTLY adding to INFLATION in these countries and since the US imports a heck of a lot of stuff form Japan-China, we as citizens will be forced to pay higher prices due to Geithner's GUNG HO FINANCIAL JUJITSU.

Here's a man that dodged his taxes and blamed a computer program on the mistake:


Any OMOTS that did what Geithner did would be fined and/or harassed by the IRS.

Not Geithner. No way! He was made TREASURY SECRETARY!

HDD believes that publicly Geithner pretends to be pro-USA but privately he is a globalist and will ensure the heaping of more and more debt on the American people in collaboration with the FED. During his tenure at the Fed-NY he orchestrated transfers to AIG-GOLDMAN et al. under the umbrella of "TARP"!

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