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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

DEBT and "Free Market" Economies

If freedom is measured in how indebted a nation is, then the "free" market economies of the western nations are enslaved to debt, mostly beholden to banks around the world that issued that debt and OWN THAT debt.

This debt bomb is primed to go off in 2012.

What will initiate the explosion? Or IMPLOSION?

Greece will most likely not be able to pay its debts to bondholders. Then Ireland, Portugal and any other problem country in the EU will whine about the Greek's getting away with their debts and will demand relief.

Right now as this is being written, DAVOS is in session. This is the place where the elites meet in security and seclusion in Switzerland to "discuss" economics and politics.


Decisions are being taken by the SUPER-WEALTHY to ensure that their wealth is NOT IMPACTED by what is about to happen around the globe: i.e. DEBT IMPLOSION and citizen reaction to that debt implosion.

Here are a few characters that have been in attendance at Davos.


People like George Soros who made a personal fortune of $1 BILLION on the 1992 Sterling DEVALUATION.

Here are a few questions:

#1. Why is Janet Napolitano at Davos?

#2. What is Brian Moynihan telling investors now that his bank has lost $45 a share since October 2007, DOWN A WHOPPING 85% of its value?

#3. And the Queen of Norway? Maybe Moynihan is assuring her that BAC will improve in 2012?


Looking at the faces of these people, HDD will assume that the CRISIS is MUCH WORSE than the OMOTS is being led to believe.

And it seems, the police commander of Davos, was recently found dead. (see below)


The WEF (World Economic Forum) is an EXPENSIVE affair and seems to be represented more by BILLIONAIRES than OMOTS.

$40,000 a person! The average American family makes this AFTER TAX ANNUALLY!

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