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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dave Chappelle on Recent Events

HDD will not comment anymore on this 2012 nonsense AUCTION for democracy.

Here's Dave's take on politics and such!


Meanwhile in Georgia (the country NOT the state), it appears war with Iran is imminent. But as usual the US LAME STREAM media is not reporting this, rather its the Russian media!


HDD believes the US LSM is so bad now, that procuring FACTS is becoming increasingly more difficult as we browse through the 1,000 channels of DRIVEL across the cable tv sphere.

How many more REALITY SHOWS can the population stomach?

How many game shows can they endure?

How many more stupid advertisements will be bombarded across US tv screens?

How many smiling news "ANCHORS" compete for our eyeballs during "PRIME-TIME"?

CJR (Columbia Journalism Review always updates the section "WHO OWNS WHAT" and you may be surprised to see EXACTLY what is owned and by WHOM?

see link


Here's a list of what MICKEY MOUSE and DONALD DUCK own via DISNEY (updated August 2011) ---


HDD went into a dizzying state when looking into what DISNEY OWNS.

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