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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shock Doctrine

Well worth watching the you-tube version of the book --- click on book cover on side gadgets to see full documentary.

Economic history as taught in the academy rarely looks at the shocks that were applied to Chile in 1973, Russia (circa 1991)or Iraq in 2003 and beyond.

This documentary is a rare glimpse into the various rabid free marketeers from Thatcher to Pinochet and their ilk across the globe.

With the new movie out about Thatcher, OMOTS should watch the documentary which sheds light on whether Thatcher was a heroic economic figure or not.

HDD is not of that opinion.

In fact her record in destroying unions and allowing an elected member of parliament to die - Bobby Sands MP - suggests her policies were far from free market, but rather thinly disguised fascism!

Thatcher was an admirer of the FASCIST regime of Augusto Pinochet right up until the end of his reign when he was extradited. How can the free marketeers pour so much hypnotic admiration on the likes of Thatcher and Pinochet a tyrant and torturer?

HDD plans on viewing the new movie on Thatcher and will post a review in due course.

Here's the two free market lovers together a few years ago!

HDD has tremendous respect for Streep, but asks the following question: Why does a woman who BROKE unions in the UK, allied herself with many tyrants throughout the 1980s, destroyed local communities and branded Mandela a "terrorist" have a movie made about her?


HDD will report back on the film in a few weeks!

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