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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Northern Lights - Spectacular v Stupid People

Spectacular stuff!

The beauty and POWER of NATURE versus the stupidity and vanity of mankind! If you have a kid, spend QUALITY TIME with the child instead of trying to do THREE things at the same time!

Concentrate on one task with passion and cease trying to do lots of stuff in a lousy way. Common sense is a SCARCE RESOURCE these days with clowns on phones, texting, I-padding and such, all TRIVIAL DRIVEL!

HDD is a STUPID-FREE-ZONE and will highlight stupid practices, stupid statements and stupidity in all its forms.

Living in New York City one comes across various categories of stupidity. Here are some of the regular occurrences:

#1. Dogs off leash in Central Park

#2. Women or men pushing kids in strollers while on roller blades

#3. People texting while walking on the sidewalk, oblivious to oncoming pedestrians

#4. People cramming into the subway, but staying RIGHT NEAR THE DAMN DOOR when there are several seats all up the subway car

#5. Tourists in all forms, vermin most!

Stupidity is a condition that can be remedied - by listening to others, learning how to improve and above all - SHEDDING THE ENTITLED ATTITUDE!

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