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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA = "Trash" in Swedish/PIPA = "Pipe"; Bankopoly

What does the proposed SOPA bill and the movie "The Name of the Rose" have in common?


In the movie, Sean Connery plays an investigator of a series of murders at an abbey where the notorious Bernard Gui arch inquisitor of the time shows up and demands a show trial of scapegoats, blamed in a series of murders.

Turns out several of those murdered had knowledge of BANNED BOOKS hidden in a tower behind a door high up in the abbey.

The INTERNET and its access to information is that tower with the books, but if SOPA and those behind the legislation have their way, we as consumers and knowledge seekers will be banned from MAKING OUR OWN MINDS UP on what we access and read.

Just like the movie, we MUST FIGHT for our right to access information and use that information for the betterment of self and others. SOPA disguises the overall attempt to CONTROL AND CENSOR what US citizens have access to. And as we all know the LSM already bombards us with DRIVEL! Like the two SWEDISH words, SOPA and PIPA, TRASH is being shoved down the Internet PIPE in a bid to control what we hear, see, witness and learn.

Here is the link to SOPA (PDF) ---


Who exactly is behind SOPA? Large corporations that have literally taken over all aspects of TV, INTERNET, CONTENT and media markets from local radio to television stations and newspapers. People like Joe Lieberman, the arch-ANTI INTERNET senator, who has flip-flopped on so many issues depending on which way the political wind blows. If Joey has his way OMOTS will be forced fed drivel and media debris on a daily basis learning NOTHING and having "news" censored to the point of IRRELEVANCE!

Google posts a "Transparency Report" regularly on its web site and reading this illustrates just how many YOU TUBES pissed off the powers that be, especially in the USA, footage of POLICE BRUTALITY, citizen journalism at its finest.


THIS IS THE REAL REASON FOR SOPA's attempted passage. KEEP THE OMOTS on the street and NOT IN POWER.



Above on the start page is a GRAPHIC of how the banks, since the GUTTING of Glass Steagall via Slick Billy Clinton, got to where they are today --- A BANKOPOLY! Half way through Clinton's second term, the BANKOPOLIES ACCELERATED to the point where by 1999, when GLB Act was passed, further consolidation and MOPPING up of medium sized banks continued.



Link to Graphic here ---


As the banks have gone almost MONOPOLY, so too have the media companies, vast CORPORATION controlling cultural content, deciding what culture is and who should access it. As the media continues to conglomerate, so too have the banks. In less than THIRTEEN years, bank as have gone from a perfect competition market structure to a VIRTUAL OLIGOPOLY --- a BANKOPOLY!

Meanwhile the FED, a private institution (but using a .GOV for its web site) ahs been embarking on it form of TRANSPARENCY with a recent issuance of a 2006 transcript, when GEITHNER was NY Federal Reserve Chairman and head honcho when of the financial SKULDUGGERY was going on.

Where is he now? Head of Treasury!

And his old mentor, Larry "BIG CHIN" Summers is being tipped as future head of the WORLD BANK!!!!!!



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