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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New York York "Rudest City"! (Apparently)



Who decides this NONSENSE? Who the hell is "Travel and Leisure"?

Who cares what this whimpy publication writes about NYC?

What exactly does RUDE mean? Is it being DIRECT and not putting up with any BULLSHIT from idiot tourists asking stupid questions, many of whom stay in the DISNEY-FIED Time Square area for the crappy one week vacation and eat at the usual chain joints.

HDD thinks this city is the BEST IN THE WORLD and if you don't like what we have to say or how we do it, then don't bother coming here!

In this politically-correct-obsessed culture, its refreshing to live in a city that is what it is and that represents the best (and worst) humanity can offer.

So as far as HDD is concerned these "surveys" are NONSENSE! And what "out of towners" think is as relevant as what an ant has to say about global warming.

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