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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Clown" Versus "Expert" --- BBC Sources SUSPECT

Charlatans and Real Heroes

I have always been suspicious of sources and as an ex-trader (in the mid-90s), I follow the markets with interest and am always open to the opinions of others. However I am ever skeptical of so-called "experts", so when I put a link on this BLOG for Alessio Rastani, the self-described "FOREX TRADER" etc. I assumed he was a legitimate source and that BBC had an independent commentator as a guest on the "News".

Well upon further investigation, this Rastani is nothing more than a self-promoting attention seeker and managed to get an interview with FORBES MAGAZINE on Tuesday, Sept. 27th!

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I highly doubt this chap has a clue about the markets and his FACEBOOK page conveys the experience of a veteran trader, he's nothing of the sort.

But what he does, is REFLECT the anger and absolute disgust ordinary people have with what is going on across Europe. Banks, politicians and the elites have hijacked democracy. What we have is a pseudo-democracy in most Western European countries and here in the US, a circus where the people are treated to a silly every fourth year game of vote the clowns in.

In Ireland for example, a 62 year old woman is in JAIL for protecting her own land and trees from an electrical pylon that the ESB wanted to put on her land, yet the treasonous politicians and bankers who lied about their capitalization remain at large.

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As in most countries across Europe, the real gangsters are allowed to roam free while the OMOTS are JAILED. Another Irish farmer, Sharon Mullen was arrested on HER OWN LAND and vowed to go to jail rather than allow construction of electrical pylons on her land.

So here is a question?

Why does the LSM have the likes of Rastani on television, a so-called "expert" when the real heros are the likes of Treacy and Mullen, who are defending their right to their land over the expediency of a government command to allow a private company build a pylon on privately held LAND?

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