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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

US Emperor Has No Clothes --- BLS and BS

Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. This is a mythical way to live life. The BLS doesn't want us to know the real evil of unemployment and are constantly REVISING their job creation/destruction models based, frankly, on fantasy.

A recent story in the NY Post illustrates how the BLS spews out its BS on a regular basis, much of which cannot be believed by rational thinking people. (See Link Below)

The BLS has a serious fuzzy math problem and seems to think that 902,000 jobs IT THOUGHT were created, actually WERE NOT! The U-6 rate of joblessness is closer to 17% and not this mythical 9.1%.

What a joke?

Obama will speak on Thursday about what he's going to do, but probably won't. The Republicans will BLOCK whatever job creation ideas he has and the unemployment rate will top 20% by the beginning of 2012.

The link below shows the U-6 in relation to mortgage delinquency across several states for Q1 of 2010.


The picture is horrific!

And with all of the BLS-BS-Obama talking up of the economy, the reality will be ugly in 2012.

The clowns in DC need to quit BICKERING in their plush carpeted offices and get to WORK, building the infrastructure of this crumbling country.

Due to the recent hurricane IRENE, I had the pleasure of taking a GREYHOUND BUS for a whopping 20 hours and got a good look at the bus stations and the underclass that are forced to take this mode of transport due to their economic weakness and the poor hand that fate dealt them. By taking a Greyhound bus one is forced to see how many of our citizens live and eek out a living amidst the most horrible odds.

DC clowns are so divorced from reality and the more they spew out BLS stats, the wider the chasm between OMOTS and plush, fat politicians.

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