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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

T-S-A --- Keeping US-A-LL Safe

A few TSA people rounded up in Florida doing a stellar job PROTECTING us all from whatever they are supposed to protect us from! This TSA ineptitude is an American phenomenon. In no other country that I know of, or have travelled to or from does this farce exist.

(see Link Below)

The real purpose?

To instill fear into the population that they may be as inconvenienced as MUCH AS POSSIBLE when they fly.

2011 budget increased TSA budget by $508.7 million to $8.2 BILLION! (See Link)


Another hilarious link to this TSA ineptitude: Chertoff Associates recommended that ALL US AIRPORTS install machines to "sniff" for whatever substances may be "suspect".

(See Links)



Massive profits are being generated by the industry of fear and while we stand in ridiculously slow moving lines at the damn airport, billions of taxpayers money is being spent on the likes of Chertoff Associates. While we get patted down and are commanded to walk through radiation machines at airports, Chertoff Associates are making a pile of cash.

Welcome to your flight departing at zero hundred hours! And welcome to a line that will make you so damn irate that you'll WISH YOU TOOK THE GREYHOUND BUS!

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