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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


C-SPAN 3 LIVE is investigating, through those in the know, how contracts in Afghanistan are coming along.

The conclusion --- NOT VERY WELL!

It has become a quagmire for our TROOPS while 80% of contractors are non-US citizens and are MILKING the US taxpayer for BILLIONS while not providing what they are tasked to provide!

Example --- Afghan police are being paid through their CELL PHONE

Where is the Lame Street Media on this? Instead the OMOTS is fed a diet of "Emmy Awards", "Celebrity This and That" and a pile of other NONSENSE that has no impact on their lives.

Meanwhile the OMOTS has friends, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers in a country far away who are being rifled by contractors, many of whom are ABSOLUTE GREEDY and CORRUPT money hungry BASTARDS!

C-SPAN 3 and the Subcommittee assures us that "WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE IS UNACCEPTABLE" while several experts sit behind tables in front of the cameras telling us what needs to be done but is not being done!

See Links Below ---



Watching this testimony I am DISGUSTED by how taxpayers money is being SQUANDERED in Afghanistan along with thousands of troops being shipped out there in defense of this country. Yet as we send people out there, contractors are SCREWING our troops via the taxpayers RIFLED INCOME TAX!

A cursory look at Afghanistan over the years shows that no country has managed to colonize the place.

Alexander the GREAT, the British, the Russians and now the USA, all have attempted and all have FAILED!

But plenty of $$$ are being made from the attempted colonization of the country and the OMOTS is footing the bill in blood and treasure.

This link is a real EYE-OPENER ---


AND what states are paying the HIGHEST PRICE?


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