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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Emergency Meeting - Geithner & Co.

Do you trust these people with the future of the banking system? Geithner all smiles with Darling and Lagarde. I wonder what the hell they're laughing about?

Could it be that 20% of Americans are living in poverty or that 10% of American children are living in extreme poverty? (See 2 Links Below)



There is an economic chasm across great swathes of this land in terms of basic access to education, health care and jobs. And as long as Geithner & Co. continue with their propping up of a Federal Reserve system that continuously PRINTS MONEY backed up by DEBT, paid off by the tax payer, the chasm between basic economic independence and dependence in this country will widen substantially.

The link below illustrates just where the $$$ come from and what are the biggest expenditures, INTEREST alone on the debt is a whopping 200 plus BILLION!


shows an interesting ratio between payroll taxes (small businesses) and income taxes combined VERSUS corporate taxes, a 10:1 relationship. In other words we the taxpayers, people and small businesses pay TEN TIMES more in taxes than corporations.

Totals for the combined income and payroll are about $1.9 Trillion, while about $190 billion is collected from corporate taxes.

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