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Oliver Stone
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Friday, November 4, 2011

1 MILLION DEPORTED and counting

Hope and Change?


Under the Obama administration 1 million people have been DEPORTED from the US under the supervision of the ICE!

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Non-criminal deportations in 2009 were 253,491 and in 2010 dropped to 197,090. In 2011, so far non-criminal deportations are on track toward hitting

Only five (10% of states) of the fifty states have actually made a decision on this Federal Fiasco. New York and Illinois have OPTED OUT COMPLETELY while California has legislation pending (as of July 2011)while Colorado is considering opting out and DC has refused enroll.

Meanwhile the millions of dollars wasted on this SECURE COMMUNITIES goes on unabated.

Through DHS, "Secure Communities" will ask for $184 million for fiscal 2012.

Why should DHS get this money when NONE of the states have enrolled in this farce?

In fact Secure Communities is a conduit through which citizens are encouraged to snitch on one another.

Welcome to Big Brother brought to you by the DHS COOL AS ICE!

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