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Oliver Stone
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Monday, November 21, 2011

According to CLOWNS IN CONGRESS: Pizza = Veg

So the clowns in DC can't get it together to fulfill their duties as SUPER COMMITTEE on debt reduction!





But they have made a much more important PRONOUNCEMENT. And what is that?

Yes they have decided in their "wisdom" that PIZZA IS VEGETARIAN! But the story is much more disturbing than that: the USDA, increasingly represents HUGE FOOD COMPANIES and care little about the health of the youth in this country.

This corrupt organ of government and the MEGA AGRI-BUSINESSES wants to ensure that the youth of America keep SHOVELLING down crap food in school cafeterias.

It's disgusting actually!

the question is this: Who voted for this nonsense and who lobbied to block the USDA's decision to LIMIT CRAP FOOD in school cafeterias? Who financed those who voted this insane nutritional equation that PIZZA = VEGETABLE?

Here's the 354 PAGE BILL! HR-2112


As far as HDD is concerned kids in this country are WAY TOO FAT! Sitting in front of computer and TV screens, eating crappy food, not getting ENOUGH EXERCISE and doing little or NO CORES around the house.

Instead of working around the house or in the garden, they lie about the place shovelling over processed foods into their huge guts and develop a lethargic attitude to life simply because of their crappy diets and the incessant marketing, bombarding them with FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD --- most of it CRAP!

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