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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cities Under Siege: COPS using MILITARY strategies and hardware

The book left discusses the rise of military approaches to the city dwellers dissent and how military contractors are assisting police forces all across the US by providing them with hardware used on a battle field: TANKS are one example of urban police departments' new hardware to "BATTLE" the citizens!

With the USAPATRIOT ACT being expanded under "HOPE AND CHANGE" Obama, it's not a surprise that cities are becoming increasingly militarized.

In NYC we have police watch towers in many busy urban areas observing and monitoring everything, big-brother watching!

Under the umbrella of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the USAPATRIOT ACT (see link)
has expanded into every area of life, including street protest, cyber snooping, bank records, texting by phone etc.


Title II, Sec. 201. to 204. is interesting reading indeed!

How many OMOTS are aware of this act and its comprehensive reach into our liberties as US citizens under the Constitution?

Several sections of the act deal with "suspicious activities" of "underground banking".

Why hasn't the act been USED AGAINST the likes od M-F Global or other overground banking and brokerage entities?

Under Obama, in May 2011, the act was expanded (see link) to include cell phone provider information and a host of other sources for personal information.


HDD is concerned that such acts as the USAPATRIOT ACT will be USED AGAINST DISSENTERS and those who believe the entire political and economic system is corrupt.

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