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Oliver Stone
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Forget 1984 [Big Brother is Snooping NOW]; Jail for "Fuzzy"?

The story below from the UK (see link) illustrates how the British government is using all kinds of methods to snoop on its citizens, from email intercepts to close circuit cameras (CCC).

London has the most CCCs per square mile of any other city in the world.


A docile population can be tricked into the idea that all of the CCC technology is for THEIR PROTECTION when in fact it is for INCESSANT MONITORING of their every move, instilling an atmosphere of the hidden BIG BROTHER everywhere and anywhere.

MASSIVE FAILURE and Jon "Goldman" Corzine

It seems Jonny "Fuzzy" Math Corzine has resigned from his M-F disaster.

Will he go to jail? Where is the $633 million his company bilked from customers?


Bloomberg (above) reports that regulators are investigating the missing millions. Turns out "Fuzzy" invested $6.3 billion in Irish, Portuguese, Belgian, Italian and Spanish bonds. Every decrease of 1% in the value of these bonds is a corresponding percentage decrease of 6,300,000,000 = around 630,000,000.


Lost by Fuzzy in a STUPID INVESTMENT on bonds in PIIGS and Belgium.

That's what you get when you entrust money to a clown who hasn't been at a trading desk since 1986 - one quarter of a century ago.

The picture right, shows "Fuzzy" with his then buddy Hank Paulson, who would go on to become Treasury secretary. This is precisely the issue O-W-S is opposed to the kind of revolving door crony capitalism that has BLIGHTED the democratic and economic system of this country.

You may ask the question:

What is the link between Big Brother CCC and Fuzzy Corzine?

ANS: Incessant snooping on the WRONG PEOPLE!

These white collared clubby chaps in their financial bubbles need to be SNOOPED ON AND NOT the general population!

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