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Oliver Stone
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Nothing Congress --- Happy Thanksgiving!; MF Double Act

HDD is not a fan of DO NOTHING POLITICIANS and as we approach Thanksgiving, Congress has gifted the US taxpayers a FLOP in the form of a SUPER-INEFFICIENT COMMITTEE! (see links)

At left are all 12 of the flop committee, who in their unlimited ineptitude, have delivered a BIG FAT ZERO to the American people.

Further they had FOUR MONTHS, that's about 120 days, to sit around and do nothing, on the taxpayers' dime.



These CLOWNS IN SUITS in DC cannot get it together to agree on ANYTHING and as a result, uncertainty will remain at the core of the political and economic environment the closer we get to the holiday season.

The DOW didn't take too kindly to this colossal political ineptitude in DC and as of 14:30 hrs EST was down by 300 points.

Thanks Congress!

Time to launch into that turkey TODAY and open a few beers while we're at it! The picture above shows just what these guys are concerned about and it is NOT THE WELL BEING of the US economy.

It is feathering their own nests, no matter what the cost to the US taxpayer!

And finally looks like Jon Corzine's missing millions have turned into missing billions!

M-F Global has DOUBLED DOWN!


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