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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

O-W-S Cleared Away; Chief Evans of the FED tells how it is, how it SHOULD be!

Is there a connection between the Federal Reserve Bank and its policies and Occupy Wall Street (O-W-S)?

Awoke this morning to hear some voices on WBAI down at O-W-S and the NYPD night raid on the camp at about 01:00 hrs. The O-W-S folk had planned a two month of occupation action on November 17th, but this plan was dashed as a result of last night's Mayoral decision to clear the park "for cleaning".

They'll be allowed back but WITHOUT TENTS, SLEEPING BAGS etc.

The Mayor knows that with New York winter coming, the protesters won't last. He's banking on the fact that by ensuring no shelter, they'll go away.

And the LSM has done a great job of highlighting the lunatic fringe that have hung out down there, NOT THE VAST MAJORITY, many of whom were medics, professors, teachers, laid-off construction workers, people recently fired from their jobs, students etc.

Meanwhile on CNBC one of the Fed's big-wigs, Charlie Evans of the Chicago Fed assures us all that target unemployment "Should be 6% but is in fact 9%". See Link


Wake up Charlie Evans, because the REAL NUMBER IS 17%. Here is a blatant example of one of the FED's head honchos being TOTALLY OUR OF TOUCH WITH THE REALITY of the economy. Evans bio suggests he hasn't had a job OUTSIDE THE FED!

Here is the problem: there is a HUGE DISCONNECT between ordinary people and these monetary policy EXPERTS sitting in their ivory Federal Reserve towers surrounded by economic data that is, frankly, IRRELEVANT OR INACCURATE.

It is set up that way. The FED and its member institutions are out for their own PROFITABILITY and NOT MONETARY STABILITY and all that other economic JARGON that one reads on their web-site.

IT IS A PRIVATE INSTITUTION FOR PROFIT! Nothing more and nothing less. The FED has the power to create BOOMS and BUSTS by altering the interest rates and ensuring that MORE MONEY IS PRINTED! So when I hear Charlie Evans go on about the unemployment rate and how "it should be", I laugh hard.

It is 17%. It "should be 6%" says Charlie. What a HUGE GAP? 11% is about 10 million people OUT OF WORK. In other words the FED is basing its assumptions on FALSE NUMBERS OUT OF WORK. It assumes more than TEN MILLION ARE WORKING when this is not the reality.

There are two realities - the FED's and the OMOTS.

Both are intertwined and one has more power than the other, well did have up until now.

The clearing of O-W-S should inspire the leaders to look at the next step and GALVANIZE the support of OMOTS by LINKING THEIR PLIGHT with ordinary taxpayers.

Democracy Now via WBAI radio was down there DURING THE CLEARING and saw piles of books dumped into sanitation trucks.

An entire library dumped into the back of a sanitation truck! The "DEBRIS of DEMOCRACY" as Amy Goodman said. See Link for full show --


The LSM has successfully MARGINALIZED O-W-S by presenting misinformation, imbalanced coverage and managed to DIVIDE AND CONQUER those who are on the sidelines and support the protesters and those who are ACTUALLY PROTESTING.

But the next few days will be critical because ORGANIZED LABOR will be joining in with the O-W-S. The TWU, 32-B-J and many others will march arm in arm with the O-W-S to find a way forward, a galvanizing of the movement against the STATUS QUO, economically, politically and socially.

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