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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute NEWT Paid $1.9 MILLION; Pepper Spraying 4ft 10ins

Wonder what Newt was telling Bill here? "You're gonna GET IT BILLY!"

Looks like Cute Newt Gingrich was a good buddy of Fannie and Freddie, was paid $1.9 over 8 years as a "strategic" thinker. (See Links)



This guy was horsing around with another woman at the same time he was IMPEACHING CLINTON and pretends to be ANTI-FREDDIE/FANNIE when he was on their payroll netting almost $2 MILLION.

HDD is non-partisan.

All of these CLOWNS in DC are HYPOCRITES and will say whatever it takes to get re-elected on the taxpayer's DIME!


HDD is outraged by the pepper SPRAYING OF AN 84 year old woman in Seattle by THUGS IN UNIFORMS, paid by the TAXPAYERS of WA. (See Story Link)


Dorli Rainey was covered in pepper spray by these disgusting cops run rife.

THIS IS AN UNPROVOKED ATTACK on a defenseless woman. Rainey, a retired teacher actually vowed to return on Wednesday to the Occupy Seattle protest.

Ms. Rainey is a HERO and should be HERALDED across the country as such.

She could have sat around and whined and complained about the state of the world, but instead stands in OPPOSITION TO THUGS in uniform, ATTACKING TAXPAYERS in a public space.

During the 2003 Anti-Iraq War protests, HDD had the pleasure of standing side by side Henrietta Yurchenko on Park Avenue opposing NYPD in FULL RIOT GEAR.

Ms. Yurchenko was in her late-80s back then. She passed away on December 10th 2007.

See Link ---


Ms. Yurchenko and HDD saw OMOTS and families being pepper sprayed by cops and horses stomp on people.

HDD took photos and sent them to NYC Council via Bill Perkins who exposed the outrageous behavior.

The OMOTS needs to understand how taxpaying citizens are being SCREWED on every level and when they DISSENT and PROTEST like Ms. Rainey they are PEPPER SPRAYED by the thugs in uniform PAID BY THE TAXPAYERS!!!!

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