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Saturday, November 26, 2011

O-W-S Does Have A 3-point Agenda; TSA

The Guardian story below clearly illustrates the REAL reason why O-W-S were rounded up and chased out of Liberty Park, downtown.


DC clowns in suits who do not represent the OMOTS have created all sorts of loopholes that allow them to profit from information before it goes into law assisting them to make huge windfalls as they lobby on behalf of their clients in the financial, and corporate worlds.

As Americans sit back and gloat upon their recent purchases and swollen guts, Congress has a wonderfully anti-American piece of legislation ready to be voted on November 28th, 2011. (Will update on who voted for what on 11/29 or 11/30)

According to the ACLU (see link) any American citizen can be arrested and held without charge on American soil if this law is passed.


The reason for attempting to pass this heinous piece of legislation is this: the powers that be are terrified that if the economy turns further south and unemployment rises beyond the fake percentages spewed out by the BLS, social breakdown will accelerate and will necessitate a battery of laws, USAPATRIOT ACT included, to coerce the population and scare them.

That's why O-W-S is a major threat and cannot be allowed to continue and that's why sections 1031 and 1032 parts of the NDAA (S 1253), if passed, gives the US military, power to round up US citizens ANYWHERE in the world (including the United States) and held without trial.

If this bill and its repressive sections are enacted, the entire security apparatus of the DHS, DOD et al will be used to squash ALL DISSENT while OMOTS chase sales in Macys, Wal-Mart and continue to act as doe-eyed consumption conduits.

Recently on a trip back from Florida I observed the TSA and all of their shenanigans, with their super-expensive machines and radiation sniffing devices and I just had to laugh at all of this SECURITY APPARATUS used against the population in a bid to make them think they're being protected.

The entire escapade is a waste of taxpayers' money. And as the hoards go to airports across the country there will must likely be some kind of mickey mouse incident like two years ago with the inept "underpants bomber".

Then we'll all be asked to allow the TSA to check our drawers before getting on a plane!

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