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Friday, March 30, 2012

MASSIVE COP COVER UP on Trayvon Martin Murder

Some of the LSM, Fox etc. seem to be guilty of omitting FACTS on George Zimmerman:

#1. His father, Robert J. Zimmerman was a magistrate from 2000 to 2006 in Virginia;

#2. Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief and Norm Wolfinger, state prosecutor have both stepped down as the FACTS about Trayvon Martin's brutal murder continue to be LEAKED by the media.

Here are some new facts about this MASSIVE COVER-UP:

Zimmerman is seen in a video at the police station on the night of the murder getting out of the cop car WITHOUT A BROKEN NOSE!

If his nose was broken by the child he shot, then his nose wouldn't be perfectly situated on his face.

This begs the obvious question: When was his nose broken? Why was his nose PURPOSEFULLY BROKEN? Where was his nose broken?

A nit-wit could answer these questions: the cops broke his nose at the station in a bid to COVER UP THE ENTIRE heinous crime. Zimmerman was known by the cops and his father was most likely contacted, hence a story was manufactured to suit the "self-defense" stand your ground law in FL.

When Trayvon's body was brought to the morgue, it was tagged JOHN DOE! The family didn't get the body for THREE WHOLE DAYS!


There has been no AUTOPSY as of this posting this morning just after 09:00hrs EST.


Bill Lee needs to be fired and any other cop involved in this cover-up of a teenager gunned down in cold blood by a wannabe cop, a predator whose father was a magistrate for 6 years in Virginia, a pseudo security guard paid in cash and a neighborhood vigilante with a huge racist chip on his shoulder.

HDD has been following this from the first day it hit the wires.

HDD has called both the Sanford Police Dept., the State Attorneys Office in FL and demanded a full and impartial investigation into this GROTESQUE KILLING of a child!

Grassroots efforts will bring this clown of a man Zimmerman to justice for the cold blooded murder of an unarmed teen.

The entire tragedy illustrates just how justice in America really works and how crimes are systematically covered-up.

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