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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cops Routinely Track Cell Phones and Text Messages

According to a recently published report by the ACLU into US citizens' privacy and cell phone tracking, many police departments across the US ROUTINELY TRACK cell phones.

OMOTS need to contact their provider and demand detailed reports on whether their cell phones were tracked or not, how long their private information has been retained and why?


This is most likely a first step in tracking ALL cell phone users, regardless of status: i.e. non-criminal VERSUS criminal.

Cell phone providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile et al are retaining information on customers, probably with out their knowledge, for 2-5 years including call records, pictures sent and retained on cell phones, text messages to and from a cell phone.

In the light of the recent phone hacking scandal in the UK (see link to documentary) involving NEWS CORPORATION'S "News of the World' paper (RIP), US citizens need to be very wary of this trend in cell phone tracking.


Cops in London's Metropolitan Police were paid by the gutter press and papers owned and controlled by Murdoch to spy on THOUSANDS of ordinary UK citizens, resulting a scandal that SHOOK the foundations of Parliament, the Met and Murdoch himself!

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