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Oliver Stone
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Monday, April 23, 2012

EPIC and EFF --- Antidotes to Internet Privacy Takeover

With all of the Internet snooping going on across the US: DHS, NSA, Cyber breaches and a host of other corporate and government entities keeping tabs on what we buy, what we think, what we write and who we contact, there are organizations fighting the good fight on all of this.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (Epic.org) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.org), both involved in opposing government and corporate intrusion into the Internet and censoring what we can or cannot view.

Within the borders of the US there is a massive information apparatus sponsored by and maintained by our taxes through the NSA, DHS and all of those other so-called government funded entities that are supposed to "protect" us from outside attacks.

The TSA for example has made flying within the US an ongoing pain in the ass and routinely collects data on OMOTS Americans.

The goal: to assemble information on EVERY US CITIZEN in the country under the disguised protocol of "protecting the homeland".

PIPA and SOPA are examples of how far the axis of corporate-governmental power was willing to go to IMPEDE our access to the Internet, but due to stellar and stalwart efforts on behalf of OMOTS Americans these heinous pieces of legislation were HALTED!

Keep alert and always vigilant!

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