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Monday, April 16, 2012

Anonymous and Willy Shakespeare

"Anonymous" --- Excellent movie recently viewed pertaining to who actually wrote the plays of world renowned William Shakespeare.


HDD never believed Willy S wrote these plays, rather, Francis Bacon who was a member of the British foreign office at the time and had travelled widely across Europe for missions on behalf of those in royal office, spying and intelligence gathering.

The movie portrays Willy S as a bit of a clown, illiterate in terms of writing, but able to read, a bit of a hustler and an actor. Meanwhile the real writer (no spoiling here) is of far superior intellect, worldly wisdom and above all well travelled and well read, unlike Willy S!

Christopher Marlowe, another character in the movie is an envious small souled man and Ben Jonson the poet and play write ends up one of the heroes.

Overall the movie forces to viewer to question the origin of the plays, the effect the plays had on OMOTS at the time and the lasting impact these plays had on English literature.

"Anonymous" = Well worth the time.

Questions will pile up and the viewer will re-evaluate their attitude to Julius Caesar and political power, Macbeth and ambition etc.

Will the "REAL WILLY S" please stand up and present his quill to those who have read his plays?

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