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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chamberlain Shooter Named

The cover up of the case of ex-Marine and retiree, Mr. Kenneth Chamberlain who was gunned down in his own house back in November in White Plains, has unravelled.

Daily News journalist, Juan Gonzalez has written a story today that NAMES the cop-thug who murdered this ex-Marine and retiree in HIS OWN HOUSE!


With the naming of this cop-thug the White Plains police department hierarchy will be scrambling to plug the leaks in their MASSIVE COVER-UP that spun the idea that Mr. Chamberlain attacked the cops with a hatchet!

Here's the cover-up story from the original event back in November:


HDD demands that Carelli be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, that he be IMMEDIATELY be suspended from duty and put on desk duty until his trial and that the White Plains Police Commissioner, David Chong step down TODAY! His cover-up and his arrogant suppression of the truth of the Chamberlain killing is unacceptable and needs to be investigated.

Tax paying citizens who pay the salaries of the likes of Chong and Carelli need to wake up and DEMAND RESIGNATIONS across the board in White Plains.

This officer Anthony Carelli was involved in a Federal case that has him at the center of a police brutality incident involving a Jordanian immigrant, Jereis Hatter, who was beaten while cuffed to a pole inside the police station.

Cops who are getting away with this sort of behavior across precincts in New York City, White Plains etc. need to be disciplined or fired, end of story. Cops are supposed to be SERVING the community, not REPRESSING THE COMMUNITY.

Justice for the Chamberlain family NOW!

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