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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I-Ran Away Romney in NYC; O-W-S in NYC

So I-Ran away Romney was in NYC last evening and bought a few pizzas in a bid to show the OMOTS that he's just like the rest of us!

What a crock of crap.

He hangs out with ex-Mayor Giuliani outside a fire house and that's his way of saying, "I'm one of you guys"!

Another crock of crap.

Of course many people will see these antics as a man who is one of the people, a regular guy - to those HDD says - you are delusional.

O-W-S = Not Effective

Meanwhile O-W-S caused major disruption in downtown - MEMO to O-W-S - Snagging commuter traffic in NYC and impeding working people IS NOT GOING TO GET SUPPORT!

O-W-S has frankly lost its way and the tactics it uses now are not unifying the OMOTS. Unless they unify the OMOTS it will fizzle out and fade away.

Perhaps another movement, more co-ordinated and focussed will grow from it.

Not only did they NOT TAKE THE STREETS, they blocked OMOTS and caused their support amongst New Yorkers to wane significantly.

I-Ran away Romney and O-W-S have something in common - they both want to connect with OMOTS and they both fail miserably!

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