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Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Austerity Deal" - EU New Speak




Jose Manuel Barroso, seems to think that the word "deal" is applicable to the Greek austerity plan that is being forced onto the people in that country.

The word deal involves two parties to a contract who BOTH AGREE on an outcome.

Clearly the Greek situation is NOT A DEAL!

These Euro-Crats are in a world of their own, so disconnected from the OMOTS that their comments seem only to revolve around assisting reckless banks get back to "normal", using the taxpayers of the EU to foot the bill for mega-banks.

What's Barossa's bio?

Well Manny B, Portuguese, was a cocooned academic for most of his life, Prime Minister of Portugal for a puny two years and did a little "research" at Georgetown University in DC.

All in all, he's a career politician and spent time as President of the European Commission.

And he's the guru that is explaining to the OMOTS about "austerity" and how the people of Greece need to get their economic act together.

Here is the real reason why the Greeks et al need to be bailed out --- German banks lent to many of the distressed nations, Spain, Ireland et al.

And the IMF-EU-ECB act as a conduit, or messenger boy for the big German banks, many of whom lent billions to ensure a financial and housing bubble in Spain, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

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