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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IMF, Ireland and France


PINK = Hollande (51.6%)

BLUE = Sarkozy (48.4%)



The recent election in France that kicked out Sarkozy and his cabal in spite of the IMF plan to bail out Greece, Ireland et al is a major shift in how the EU is going to have to face up to its citizens and their rejection of the IMF/ECB financial austerity.

When HDD looks at the word "austerity" it replaces it with SCREW THE TAXPAYER!

The next domino to put a wrench in the Euro-machinery will be Ireland when on May 31st the Irish will most likely REJECT the IMF "austerity" and wake up to the absolute injustice of the entire ECB/IMF/EU cabal.

OMOTS in Ireland and across the EU are facing two HUGE forces: IMF serfdom or a turning off of the fiscal faucet.

Either way, there will be pain.

The question is do the people of Ireland really understand the two sides of this economic coin?

Most people want a convenient lifestyle without stress. But in Ireland today, financial stress will mount regardless of which way the referendum goes.

The question is who REALLY OWNS IRELAND NOW? And what banks, corporations and foreign governments will own it in the future? This question must be answered in the next few months and the answering will begin after May 31st.

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