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Monday, March 5, 2012


Looks like the so-called "Fiscal Compact" in Ireland isn't washing with the OMOTS and RIGHTLY SO!

If the OMOTS rejects the IMF-ECB austerity measures, other countries, Spain, Portugal will most likely follow Ireland's lead.

HDD believes the majority of the Irish population are NOT BEHIND the IMF-based structural programs and conditionalities. According to press reports, the referendum, announced on February 28th by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, is expected in early June.

This gives plenty of time for the Pro-IMF and Anti-IMF groups to get their message out to their respective constituents.



Like the Pink Floyd album cover above, OMOTS in Ireland don't want to get BURNED by the IMF suits.

Local, grassroots movements are setting up across the nation or Ireland and organizing on a street level AGAINST IMF-FINANCIAL COLONIALISM.

The picture right illustrates how the OMOTS perceives the austerity plan and if the OMOTS refuses to go along, taxes cannot be collected efficiently and if taxes are not collected, IMF loans will go unpaid. If that happens, DEFAULT quickly follows and will have a knock-on domino effect on all of Europe.

This is what HDD expects and predicts will come to pass. And it won't be pretty!

For Ireland is caught in between the jaws of two forces: IMF colonialist programs in exchange for loans and national opposition toward austerity and cuts in funding for hospitals, roads, education, old-aged pensions etc.

Both jaws are closing fast, squeezing the political capital of the government into juice. If rejected, the inept Irish government will be unable to borrow on bond markets for ongoing daily operations.

It is really a test of people power VERSUS central power.

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