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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pink Floyd and the Walls Constructed Since 1982

Thirty years ago, Bob Geldof starred in "The Wall" an Alan Parker masterpiece reflecting the inner turmoil, ultimate destruction and reconstruction of a rock star.

It is also a reflection of the inner mind of many men and of the societies that have risen since the 1980s, societies where a police states exists, where cyber warfare is the norm and Big Brother stalks the knowledge seeker daily, through the Internet.

Many of the scenes in the film revolve around the main characters childhood, his father killed in WW-II, his domineering mother, the education system at the time and Britain's descent into a Neo-Nazi state (aptly illustrated in the final scene) under Thatcher and her pro-free market policies that threatened to destroy any gains made under previous governments.

The Brixton riots, 1981, are graphically illustrated in the film where police repressed the local Jamaican population without regard for rights or social justice, while Thatcher allowed ten Irish hunger strikers in a Northern Ireland prison to DIE ON HUNGER STRIKE, all of whom were political prisoners.

The over arching theme of the film as far as HDD is concerned is this: walls, both internal and external must be smashed, but unless they are replaced by something founded on peace, inner understanding and outer equality, they are doomed to continue the vicious cycle of exploitation and ongoing division.

The education system for example has deteriorated since Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Now students are NOT TAUGHT to think or problem solve, but rather MEMORIZE, PARROT and CONFORM on every level, creating a CLONE-LIKE system based on grades and GPA scores rather than common sense and a creative approach to the myriad of problems that need to be solved.

Little has really changed since Waters, Gilmour et al released "The Wall" one of the best albums ever created by a rock band. And HDD had the pleasure of seeing Pink Floyd in 1994 (sans Waters)!

Floyd's music is as RELEVANT TODAY as it was in 1973 when "Dark Side of the Moon" came out to thunderous applause, an album that is as alive today as it was nearly FORTY YEARS AGO!

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