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Oliver Stone
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Unemployment REAL and FANTASY - Don't Belive the Hype

Today's unemployment number is an illusion. 117,000 jobs "created", magically. How about hundreds of thousands of people GAVE up searching for jobs that don't exist.

U-6 is the real rate of joblessness. And that's closer to 17%.

See here for defintion:


It's all about approval ratings and non-double digit unemployment.

Nether party gives a damn about whether the population has a job or not. As long as there are trillions of dollars in tax revenue available that's all that matters.

Check out http://www.opensecrets.org/ to see who is funded by whom when it comes to the real power in the USA, lobbying. There is a relative democracy, but the real power is with lobbyists and its getting worse.

So don't believe the HYPE about jobless numbers going down.

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