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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Right and Left

So here we have it --- another campaign about to kick off.

The economy is in the shitter, US debt is AA, unemployment is rising higher and the wealth of most OMOTS Americans is shrinking.

Meanwhile these buses will wind their way all across the KEY STATES in the US with their usual nonsense messages of "prosperity for all", "change we can believe is" and other catch phrases to hoodwink the masses.

There are two wars ongoing costing lives and billions of dollars, while these clowns in DC vacation until sometime in September on the taxpayer's dime.

The construct of LEFT AND RIGHT is a fallacy built by those in power over the past several decades and centuries.

As the lame stream media (LSM from here on in on this blog) bickers and fights with empty talking heads on corporate owned (see links below)TV stations, people are being fired, tossed out of their houses and filing for chapter 7, 11 and 13.

www.cjr.org/who owns what

This country has dissipated massive amounts of energy fighting one another based on political differences rather than looking at the real power behind the talking heads in DC.

A population divided amongst itself will be easily controlled by those that ensure laws are passed to keep them in fear.

Look at the USA Patriot Act, initiated by Bush, the younger and expanded by Obama. (see links below)


Hope and change we can believe in, right?

Link below gives an overview on exactly what the Patriot Act covers and how our buddy Obama has EXPANDED it.

Hope and change!


Other bills in congress will attempt to provide TWO speeds for users of the Internet, slow (for OMOTS) and fast (for corporate entities and government). The links below explains the NET NEUTRALITY debate.



Finally, on taxes, Billionaire Warren Buffett (B-WB) had something to say on taxes the other day in the NYTIMES.

He's willing, as a billionaire, to pay a few more dollars and in his Op-Ed piece asks what others in his financial position would do?


B-WB refers to the super rich as being CODDLED. If an OMOTS wrote this he'd be cyber flogged. Buffett has the means to write this and most likely understands what its really like to be a BILLIONAIRE!

Right or Left? Up or Down?

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