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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Debt, Tax Collection and Death

I cannot watch the MSM (Main Stream Media) anymore with all this nonsensical talk about the "Debt Ceiling". Check out http://www.usdebtclock.org/ to see where the money is going to and coming from (taxation collected at source)!

The US has increased its debts ceiling 40 times in the past 50 years but when the issue comes up in 2011 its a big to do.

I am writing a book about the the Federal Reserve Bank and its foundation in 1913 along with income tax and have sent sample chapters to various potential publishers, none of whom will even touch the manuscript because of the controversial nature of the content.

Anyway, enough of that, listening to Mumford & Sons on You Tube and what a wonderfully refreshing band amidst all of teh trash out there in cyber space and across the i-tune sphere. Excellent music, passionate and Rolling Stone has a great interview with them currently http://www.rollingstone.com/.

Since this is my first entry and I'm new to all of this I'll keep it short and simple.

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