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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morons on Bikes

As an avid bike rider (and sometimes racer), I am appalled at the moronic attitude of poor bike handlers in New York City.

Indeed the incidences of appalling stupidity perpetrated by poor bike handlers is rising on a daily basis.

I look forward now to those balls-cold days of winter when the majority of FREDS will hibernate and sit indoors upon their trainers or enroll in spinning classes at the numerous gyms around the city.

Central Park, once the oasis of destressing for bike riders such as myself has become a vermin infested dumping ground for TOURISTS, many of whom are clueless about biking etiquette in an urban setting. This afternoon I saw at least three accidents involving moronic stupidity on a stratospheric level.

Green helmeted clowns going the wrong way downhill against the circular flow of traffic and causing a tri-athlete to crash.

Texting morons on bikes wobbling all over the road and finally a well known local cop standing in the cross walk at the boat house with GREEN LIGHT granting right of way to bikers. Apparently he was monitoring the ongoing strike against the boat house by union members who were banging drums incessantly in an attempt to have patrons boycott the famous restaurant.

Bring on the cold weather!

Clear out the park and may the tourist vermin depart the Big Apple soon!

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