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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two Guinness and CPI

CPI (Confusing Price Inaccuracy)

Two Guinness cost over $12 in New York City. Since 1991, the price of Guinness has almost doubled. In 1991, I could buy two stouts for $6 and enjoy change out of a ten spot, as could the bartender, because I’d leave a tip of say $3 or $4 after the second pint.

Q. #1. Have wages DOUBLED to cope with the doubling in hops, malt, and all the ingredients that go into a Guinness?

Ans. No! They have not.

Q. #2. What exactly is CPI?

Ans. I have redefined this nonsense measurement thus: Confusing Price Inaccuracy, because it gives me no indication as to why my wages have stalled and Guinness has doubled in price, as have bagels (wheat), travel (jet fuel and airline tickets).

It’s all a big scam that is so off target its ABSURD.

Asian rumors abound that banks in China, Korea and other Asian economies are refraining to lend any more money to European banks, especially our buddies at Soc Gen.

What will now happen on Friday 12th, August?

Soc Gen stock will be sold en masse and the US market will sell off on the back of Asian panic and European arrogance.

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