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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Canadian media is doing a far better job of explaining the Spanish-Greek-Irish crisis than the LSM in the US with its crappy "news' stories and appalling "world news" coverage.

The story below illustrates just how connected all of these countries are and what the future holds.


Just how big is the Spanish economy?


According to the site above, Spain is 12th in the world with GDP approaching
$1.5 Trillion at $1,493,513,000,000.

The main problem Spain has is MASSIVE youth unemployment and unemployment in general at 21.7% up from 8.3% just FIVE YEARS AGO.

Here's the Euro-Unemployment picture below: (Click for LARGER)

But youth unemployment is a WHOPPING 45%, that's close to half of Spain's under 30 year olds coming out of college without a job!



The ECB-IMF plan to hijack these economies and force them and their governments to take "austerity measures" will likely BACKFIRE because the population will not go along and as the youth unemployment gets worse, street protest will get larger and larger forcing the governments in these countries to reassess the ECB-IMF plan.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Student Loan Bubble About to BURST!!

Last Sunday's New York Times (selling at a whopping $5.00 in 2012 when it was $2.00 in 1997) ran a story about student loan debt (see below) in which it reveals that total student debt is $1,000,000,000,000 (That's 12 ZEROS).


According to the Times public spending on college education is at a 25 year LOW, forcing young students to borrow and causing a generation of debt slaves to exist far into the future, holding a piece of paper that says "degree" on it, but with a job that is completely divorced from the content of that degree.

College education costs at the undergraduate level have ballooned with the North East of the US the most indebted (see map)

Like all bubbles pumped to the maximum the natural law is BURST. Click on the picture on the FRONT PAGE of the blog and view the trailer to a DOCUMENTARY on the student loan CRISIS.

Here are a few facts about the college education treadmill and the graduates coming out in 2012:

#1. Worthless pieces of paper for jobs that don't exist;

#2. Massive expectations and entitled attitude upon graduation;

#3. Under trained and unwilling to work hard due to a sense of superiority;

#4. Running back to live with Mom and Dad because of debt;

#5. Long term college debt slaves well into 2020.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Stop and Frisk FARCE

New numbers are out on the NYPD "Stop and Frisk" FARCE (S&F)!




200,000 people STOPPED and FRISKED in just three months, January to March. Can you imagine how the summer numbers are going to look?

In 2011 there were a total of 685,724 stop and frisks resulting in a "MASSIVE" 1.9% recovery of a weapon.

HDD wants to know how many of the arrests resulted in indictments and trial?

HDD believes that the real reason for S&F is to monitor the citizens, collect information and build a data base on ordinary hardworking New Yorkers, simple as that.


Under New York Penal Law (above), most "Stop and Frisk" activity by thugs in uniform, comes under the section of the penal law below:

S 240.26 Harassment in the second degree -

"1. He or she strikes, shoves, kicks or otherwise subjects such other
person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same; or

2. He or she follows a person in or about a public place or places;"

This is precisely what cop thugs are doing on a regular basis to OMOTS New Yorkers.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Austerity Deal" - EU New Speak




Jose Manuel Barroso, seems to think that the word "deal" is applicable to the Greek austerity plan that is being forced onto the people in that country.

The word deal involves two parties to a contract who BOTH AGREE on an outcome.

Clearly the Greek situation is NOT A DEAL!

These Euro-Crats are in a world of their own, so disconnected from the OMOTS that their comments seem only to revolve around assisting reckless banks get back to "normal", using the taxpayers of the EU to foot the bill for mega-banks.

What's Barossa's bio?

Well Manny B, Portuguese, was a cocooned academic for most of his life, Prime Minister of Portugal for a puny two years and did a little "research" at Georgetown University in DC.

All in all, he's a career politician and spent time as President of the European Commission.

And he's the guru that is explaining to the OMOTS about "austerity" and how the people of Greece need to get their economic act together.

Here is the real reason why the Greeks et al need to be bailed out --- German banks lent to many of the distressed nations, Spain, Ireland et al.

And the IMF-EU-ECB act as a conduit, or messenger boy for the big German banks, many of whom lent billions to ensure a financial and housing bubble in Spain, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IMF, Ireland and France


PINK = Hollande (51.6%)

BLUE = Sarkozy (48.4%)



The recent election in France that kicked out Sarkozy and his cabal in spite of the IMF plan to bail out Greece, Ireland et al is a major shift in how the EU is going to have to face up to its citizens and their rejection of the IMF/ECB financial austerity.

When HDD looks at the word "austerity" it replaces it with SCREW THE TAXPAYER!

The next domino to put a wrench in the Euro-machinery will be Ireland when on May 31st the Irish will most likely REJECT the IMF "austerity" and wake up to the absolute injustice of the entire ECB/IMF/EU cabal.

OMOTS in Ireland and across the EU are facing two HUGE forces: IMF serfdom or a turning off of the fiscal faucet.

Either way, there will be pain.

The question is do the people of Ireland really understand the two sides of this economic coin?

Most people want a convenient lifestyle without stress. But in Ireland today, financial stress will mount regardless of which way the referendum goes.

The question is who REALLY OWNS IRELAND NOW? And what banks, corporations and foreign governments will own it in the future? This question must be answered in the next few months and the answering will begin after May 31st.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I-Ran Away Romney in NYC; O-W-S in NYC

So I-Ran away Romney was in NYC last evening and bought a few pizzas in a bid to show the OMOTS that he's just like the rest of us!

What a crock of crap.

He hangs out with ex-Mayor Giuliani outside a fire house and that's his way of saying, "I'm one of you guys"!

Another crock of crap.

Of course many people will see these antics as a man who is one of the people, a regular guy - to those HDD says - you are delusional.

O-W-S = Not Effective

Meanwhile O-W-S caused major disruption in downtown - MEMO to O-W-S - Snagging commuter traffic in NYC and impeding working people IS NOT GOING TO GET SUPPORT!

O-W-S has frankly lost its way and the tactics it uses now are not unifying the OMOTS. Unless they unify the OMOTS it will fizzle out and fade away.

Perhaps another movement, more co-ordinated and focussed will grow from it.

Not only did they NOT TAKE THE STREETS, they blocked OMOTS and caused their support amongst New Yorkers to wane significantly.

I-Ran away Romney and O-W-S have something in common - they both want to connect with OMOTS and they both fail miserably!