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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt Thinks He's One of Us (OMOTS)

Who does this clown think he is?

One of us is who he thinks he is! An OMOTS!

And if the US voting public BELIEVE this charlatan, then they will be voting for a man who represents JUST .0001% of the US population.

HDD has no problem with wealthy people, millionaires and billionaires. But when one of these multi-millionaires MASQUERADES as one of us, an OMOTS, HDD gets really pissed off for several reasons:

#1. Don't INSULT our intelligence Mr. Mitt!

#2. Pay your fair share of taxes, i.e. 33% or 35% NOT 15% as you seem to have been doing since becoming a multi-millionaire;

#3. Stop dressing like you're a "WORKING AMERICAN";

#4. Grow a set of balls and stop talking in SCRIPT;

#5. Show the American people your TAX RETURNS for the past 7 years at least!

Rolling Stone did a great story back a few weeks ago regarding the MONEY BAGS bankrolling the Mitt campaign.


The question is this: Do the 16 billionaires behind the Mitt have the same outlook on the US as the OMOTS?

The answer to that is a DEFINITIVE NO!

The latest Vanity Fair has a good story on how Mitt has been HIDING $$$$ in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and places where the ULTRA WEALTHY "send" bags full of dough to AVOID/EVADE TAXES, while the rest of us get SCREWED with W-2 income TAXED AT SOURCE at 35% or 50%.

According to the story in VF, Mitt has investments and BLIND TRUSTS that actually BET AGAINST THE DOLLAR - a potential US President batting against the currency of his OWN COUNTRY, against the currency OMOTS earn, save and borrow in!


How can people who earn $250,000 think that Mitt is the same as them when he made $250 MILLION in his lifetime?

That's ONE THOUSAND TIMES more than the $250K a year working stiff.

Mitt pays a mere 15% on his investment income which he has HIDDEN in tax havens, while the $250K earner has to pay a FULL 35 points MORE on their W-2 income! Don't try to tell HDD that these OMOTS are in the same camp as Mitt and his buddies, throwing around money like it was out of fashion!

If Romney and his billionaire buddies have their way, the US Constitution will look like a document that was thrown into the paper shredder and taxes on the super-rich will hover at 5% while the OMOTS will be expected to pay through the nose every pay check or monthly salary.

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