Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone
Untold History of the US

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The image opposite reflects the ongoing fraud perpetrated by the "traders" at Barclays Bank in London with respect to the LIBOR manipulation.

Again the white collar goons NEVER GET JAIL time!

Again we see, as OMOTS how these vampires in the banking world get away with all kinds of sophisticated STEALING, but instead its considered "manipulation" as far as the Financial Times is concerned ---


HDD is sick and tired of observing the shenanigans of these CRIMINALS in suits lie and cheat while OTMOTS lose jobs left and right, get laid off, thrown out of their homes and generally suffer financially and economically while bankers cash out and live in gated communities for as long as their pensions and bonuses allow them.


What did this clown know and when? Who were his underlings? Who made all the $$$? How was the $$$ made?

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