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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HSBC and Narco Dollars

HSBC "Promises Clean Up Act"! What a joke? Not one of these BANKSTERS will serve a day in jail, but if a kid is caught selling weed, he's thrown into the slammer, no questions asked.


Here's the KEY QUOTE:

"HSBC’s Mexican bank shipped $7 billion in bulk cash to the firm’s U.S. bank in 2007 and 2008, leaving U.S. and Mexican authorities concerned cartels were the source, the report said."

If an OMOTS brings just $10,000 in cash into the US, they get stopped, searched and INTERROGATED at JFK or whatever airport! What a scam?

Here's a clip worth watching:


And the WSJ story from today:



These executives in the top banks have been covering up narco money laundering for decades and not one has served a day in jail.

Fines have been meted out and slaps on the wrist have been applied and that's about it!

All of this nonsense about COMPLIANCE and the USA PATRIOT ACT doesn't seem to impact the banking cartel when its executives break the law and sit in front of senate committees scratching their heads and wondering (fraudulently) what the hell happened?

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