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Friday, September 7, 2012

Romney and his 16 Billionaires

This "I-Ran Away" Romney is so full of it with his $250 million wealth hidden all across the Caribbean banking centers in blind trusts etc.

Vanity Fair did a good story on it, worth reading ---


This clown, dressed in "working man" garb pretends he's one of us, OMOTS, when in fact he's an elitist tax dodger and is being backed up by those he intends to serve if he gets into the White House!

Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson writes that Romney is backed by 16 BILLIONAIRES (see below)


Mitt in his USUAL GARB, pretending to be an OMOTS ---

HDD is apolitical because the system is not run by OMOTS or groups of OMOTS. The system is a PLUTOCRACY run by a banking and corporate elite, using the government a s a conduit to collect taxes, issue debt and ensure that $15,000,000,000,000 IS PAID OFF BY TAXPAYERS!

He is a sham and if he can fool the American people into voting for him, then the OMOTS in the US is more easily hoodwinked than first thought.

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